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A Matcha made in Heaven

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Colours: Midnight, Ivory, Matcha Latte, Charcoal

A cup of matcha tea or a slice of matcha cake makes for a refreshing treat during the hot summer days (especially so here in Singapore where it’s pretty much summer 24/7!) and this refreshing feeling can also be invoked among your wedding guests with a matcha-inspired theme.

Start this theme off with a fusion of a matcha green hue with a dash of ivory white. The bride’s dress can play the ivory role while her gaggle of bridesmaids dress in our convertible matcha-themed dresses available at My Little Bow. With this arrangement, the colours of the dresses will flow together in unison to create a combination that will certainly make for a sweet visual treat for everyone at the wedding.

Moving along, there is more to the matcha theme than just those two hues. You will also need complementary colours that can bring an additional layer of harmony to the theme. For this, I would highly recommend midnight and charcoal hues which provide a splendid contrast to the refreshing matcha/ivory combination with their cool, sleek elegance.

A good start to these complementary colours would be the flowers and plants used in wedding arrangements. For the charcoal hue, you can’t go wrong with the dusty miller, or lamb’s ear, which is highly sought after in weddings for its soft, fuzzy texture as well as its grey tones providing an amazing accent to floral decorations and bouquets.


For the midnight hue, you can go with a deep blue tone and one of the ideal flowers for this would be the blue delphinium. These blue flowers work well in many arrangements including corsages and crowns, and their deep hue can certainly add a captivating quality to your wedding.


A good place to seek out these flowers and plants would be the Flower Moxie, a company whose mission is to assist brides in creating memorable custom-made floral arrangements. Their dedication to their craft is impeccable, to the point where they even include floral care instructions as well as suggestions on how to select the right quantity of flowers for the right arrangements. You can check out their website here at

That’s not all, however. Accessories can make all the difference in a wedding getup, even more so if they’re tailored right for each person. MemorablyJane is the perfect place for you if you desire the perfect accessories as they can take the themed colours and transform them into personalized, tailor-made floral kanzashi hair accessories that is sure to help you create a unique and memorable wedding. As shown below, these masterfully crafted blooms have a realistic appearance that will breathe life into the green hue of the matcha theme.



You can find more of these kanzashi accessories, as well as intricately crafted earrings, over at their website at


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