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Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses for the 2022 Autumn/Winter Wedding Theme

Preparing for your Big Day? Becoming a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding? Never choose bridesmaid dresses at the last minute because the colour palette makes or breaks a wedding theme. Keep reading to pick your 2022 Autumn/Winter bridesmaid dress in the colour that will not go wrong (or give your guests cause to raise eyebrows).

top trending colours bridesmaid dresses

A Secret Garden Revealed

According to Pantone, fashion’s authority on colour, the colour of the year 2022 is Very Peri, ‘a twinkling blue hue whose playfulness emboldens uninhibited expression and experimentation’. Customise the Secret Garden wedding theme with your bridal party’s charming, spontaneous personality using the convertible bridesmaid’s dress in Cornflower Blue. Amplify your love story with wedding decor in classic and neutral tones of light oak browns, pinkish beiges, or off-whites.

As a bride, consider eye-catching bridesmaid dress colours for your white wedding gown to standout. Fun, upbeat, and highly romantic, pick from appealing shades of red which are also easy to tie in with ivory floral decorations: Burgundy, Berry, or Dusty Pink. Think red is overused for garden-themed weddings? Standout with the Tiffany or Seafoam: Visually striking yet whimsical.

For the stylish and nature-inspired, be flawless in Hunter Green or Dark Teal, gorgeous and luxuriant shades which are deeply sophisticated. Hunter green is also a great alternative for bridesmaids who suggest formal black dresses which some brides (or parents of the wedding couple) may not be keen on. If you prefer muted neutrals, consider Dry Sage or Ash, captivating for intimate afternoon wedding luncheons or dreamy garden wedding dinner themes.

Winter Wonderland: Ice and Magic

Versatile yet strangely assuring, the colour silver or grey is perfectly elegant for the glimmering wedding during the holiday festive season. Especially recommended for bridesmaids, exude overall calmness and composure with Light Silver Grey.

In favour of mystery, poise with a twist of glamour? Consider the limited edition Perusian Blue, Powder Blue, Steel Blue, or Slate—each one alluringly perfect for a winter wonderland wedding theme. Unique trending colours to play up winter’s delicate beauty at the wedding are Silver Sage (crowd favourite!) or Lilac! Light and exuberant, these colour palettes conjure an enchanting night of wintry charm and playfulness.

silver bridesmaid convertible party dress elegant wedding

My Boho Chic Romance

bridesmaid dress orange red bohemian wedding theme

If fantasy is not really your cup of tea or you’re not into traditional wedding themes, a Boho Chic colour palette can be just what you need. Show the vibrance and sensuality of your carefree personality as well as your bridesmaids’ with orangey-brown tones like Cinnamon Rose or Rust, a warm shade of stunning sunsets! Be sure to consider an unforgettable and convertible jumpsuit; a thoughtful (sustainable) one piece garment that your confident best friend can adorn for other events.

Elegant Convertible Bridesmaids’ Dresses in Singapore From playful to sophisticated, you will not go wrong with our top bridal party dresses in trending colour palettes. Along with plus size options, unique convertible party dresses by My Little Bow has an infinite array of tying styles to flatter every body type for any occasion. As a first-time bridesmaid, remember to read My Little Bow’s trusted wedding etiquette guide for bridesmaids!

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