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Nautical Colours and You

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Can you feel it in yer bones, mateys? The sea wind blowing in our faces, the lovely smell of the seawater, as we head out towards our next plunder target~

Oh pardon me, I was getting carried away. This is not a pirate’s blog after all. Still, doesn’t that little description tingle your adventurous imagination of the seafaring life? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a wedding that can show off such a daring spirit?

There’s quite a charm to the pirate’s life on the sea, no?

Well, wonder no more as we at My Little Bow have just the thing for you with our very special nautical themed wedding package! For today though, we’ll be going over the colours that you need to bring out the seafarer in you.

A sea of blue

When you hear the term “nautical”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? That’s right, the sea. To bring out the best in a nautical theme, you need the right shades of blue that best represents the sea. Many shades of blue can work well, but two shades featured in the picture below are particularly exceptional.

The darker shade is known as navy blue which is a mix of blue, grey and black, and as befitting of its name and the nautical theme, its name is historically based on the uniforms worn by sailors.

The lighter shade in the picture is known as perusian blue. While navy blue which features darker colours, perusian blue has a rich mix of green and blue instead, which gives it a more lively and vibrant hue.

When these two shades of blue are together, their contrast of light and dark complements each other in a way that really brings out the true allure of the sea. And that is precisely something that you would want to convey in a nautical theme.

Though I mentioned earlier that you need the right shades of blue to best represent the sea, you do not necessarily have to stick with only those two shades of blue. As we go further down the blue spectrum, it becomes closer to black which adds a certain sense of sophistication to the nautical theme when put together with the blue shades.

A touch of white

On its own, white is a basic colour that doesn’t particularly stand out. For a nautical theme however, white gets a chance to really shine as it presents a clean and refined look when paired together with the prominently featured blue palettes.

White and blue together paint a picture of glamour and polish.

Anchors Aweigh

And that is it for today’s post on the colours of a nautical theme. If you’d like to find some bridesmaid dresses for a nautical theme, be sure to check out My Little Bow’s catalogue over at https://www.mlb.sg/bridesmaids-dresses.

With that, I bid you farewell and look forward to another post soon to continue the exploration of the nautical theme. Bon voyage!

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