Manta Ray Necklace

  • Manta rays are the largest of the ray species in the ocean that feed on plankton rather than other fish and their way of feeding involves special structures in their gills called gill rakers which help them filter plankton out of the water they take in while swimming with their mouths wide open. Unfortunately, this makes them especially susceptible to ingesting microplastics that are mixed into the water or are ingested by the plankton themselves. The toxins within microplastics can result in various complications for the manta rays such as body processes not functioning properly and hindering their reproduction cycles, which endangers the propogation of their species.


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  • One of My Little Bow's (MLB) limited edition pieces from WWF's Earth Hour Collection 2019. Pendant is made from recycled stainless steel. Size medium, on a 16" chain. 45 x 49 mm. Original designs copyrighted by MLB.