Penguin Necklace

  • Penguins are a species of flightless birds that are well-adapted to living in the water. They are mostly found in the southern hemisphere where they procure food underwater and raise their young on land. Currently, plastics in the ocean are one of several threats to the penguin population as they are easily mistaken as food by the creatures and ingesting too much over time will build up in their guts and prevent them from properly digesting real food. The toxins that are easily absorbed by plastics in large quantities will cause a range of health complications to penguins, from neurological and reproductive disorders to cancer and birth defects.


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  • One of My Little Bow's (MLB) limited edition pieces from WWF's Earth Hour Collection 2019. Pendant is made from recycled stainless steel. Size medium, on a 16" chain. 30 x 41 mm. Original designs copyrighted by MLB.