Pelican Necklace

  • Pelicans are large birds that can be found in almost every continent and their most prominent feature is their bill which is the largest among the bird species. A throat pouch that can contain up to 3 gallons of water is located under the bill and is used for both feeding and cooling during warm days. At present, pelicans are included among the 90% of the sea bird population that are likely to have consumed plastic mistaken as food. The adverse effects caused by plastics to the sea birds include punctured internal organs and affected body weight due to reduced space for proper food.


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  • One of My Little Bow's (MLB) limited edition pieces from WWF's Earth Hour Collection 2019. Pendant is made from recycled stainless steel. Size medium, on a 16" chain. 40 x 33 mm. Original designs copyrighted by MLB.

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