Whale Necklace

  • Whales are among the largest creatures in the world and despite their fish-like appearances, they are actually marine mammals since they share similar features with land mammals such as having hair and giving birth to young. Whales feed by either filter feeding or hunting and unfortunately, they are prone to consuming plastics in large quantities over time, whether it be through microplastics mixed in the water they take in while filter feeding or accidentally eating plastics encountered along with their usual prey. The accumulated plastics can cause severe damage to the whales such as puncturing and tearing their stomach linings, which eventually leads to starvation and death.


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  • One of My Little Bow's (MLB) limited edition pieces from WWF's Earth Hour Collection 2019. Pendant is made from recycled stainless steel. Size medium, on a 16" chain. 45 x 41 mm. Original designs copyrighted by MLB.

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