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Fall in love with burgundy

My Little Bow's selection of plum, burgundy and navy coloured convertible dresses makes a beautiful fall/winter themed composition. Harmonising the feminine and masculine elements together seamlessly, just like in bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmen suits.

Source: | Photography: Via Kari Ellen Events

The bridesmaids could experiment with a myriad of tying styles; off-shoulder, capped sleeved, strapless or one-shoulder style dresses, just to name a few. Burgundy could be paired with an earth rich tone for a rustic look or gold accents for a luxurious and elegant look. Bouquets and corsages could be perfectly matched with hues of red, peach and plum to bring out the composition. For a dash of uniqueness, throw in shades of Navy coupled with hints of gold can add sophistication and class.

For the groomsmen, a navy tailored suit will bring out the masculine element. Complimenting it with a burgundy or plum (or any shade of red) bow tie brings about balance and a gentlemanly vibe. These two tones could be further matched with earthly tones. Hence, pairing the Navy suit together with a pair of brown shoes makes the perfect combination. A plain dress watch with brown leather straps will also fit in with style.

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