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Spring/Summer 2023 Wedding Trends for Bridesmaid Dresses

We know warm temperatures and sunny weather make for a terrific wedding day. However, what is the theme which best reflects your style? Our bridal party experts have handpicked for you the top colours of 2023 wedding themes—based on New York and London 2023 Fashion Week new Spring/Summer collections. Blending the excitement of summertime with the uplifting joy discovered in spring, we reveal the most fashionable Spring/Summer 2023 bridesmaid dresses to colourfully express your wedding day without constraint.

Summertime Cheerfulness

Warm, vibrant, and upbeat vibes are what weddings in the summer months or tropical settings are all about. For the classic outdoor wedding theme (think country club venue or a nautical-inspired wedding theme), your bridesmaids will look amazing in Navy, Slate, or even Plum coloured dresses. Ask for your florist’s advice on yellow roses, daffodils, grey ribbon details. Summertime Serenity

If you are considering upscale venues such as a botanical garden, park, or even a historic mansion or estate, dressing your bridesmaids in airy shades of blue (think along the lines of Cornflower Blue or Powder Blue) will play up the tranquility of a cloudless sky whereas graceful bridesmaid dresses in luxurious Mauve or delicate Dusty Rose is an elegant match for a Bridgerton-inspired wedding idea.

Springtime Mischief

Dive into the heart of spring with colours that pop: Purples, pinks, yellows – just like the chirpy flowers Alice met in Wonderland! Revel in immense joy and perfect happiness with bridesmaids in Dusty Lilac, Marigold Yellow, or Olive Green, depicting the flowers of springtime in full bloom. If you’re into a vintage wedding affair that calls for unexpected glamour, it’s a match with Dusty Pink or Dusty Blue, alluring yet old-school soft colour palettes that promote contrast to all other hues.

Springtime Glamour

Dancing against the light of chandeliers bounced off majestic high ceilings—our handpicked hues for 2023 wedding ballroom themes in springtime are Steel Blue, Light Silver Grey or Hunter Green. Vivid but not jarring, these gorgeous colours create an exquisite sparkle among romantic lights. Planning a

fancy resort-style wedding party or hosting an evening event with a sprawling water view? You will not go wrong with your love for exotic old-world chicness and modern flair (The Great Gatsby Dream Wedding) in delicious Champagne or a silky Cinnamon Rose shade. Mismatch your bridesmaid gowns for a sense of balance!

Versatile Spring/Summer 2023 Colours to Suit Any Wedding Theme

Formal or casual, bridesmaid dresses in Sandy Taupe are versatile and perfect for something neutral to match any wedding theme. Jewel tone colours are also core classic choices to play up a wedding for any season. Radiate joyful radiance with an emboldened gold, suggest the playfulness of your character with a lively rust hue; emanate ultra-calmness on your wedding day in Seafoam Green.

Infinity Bridesmaid Gowns in Tempting Colours for Any Body Shape Keeping in mind the overall tone, theme, and style of your wedding day, remember to choose colours that reflect your personal taste and style…because it is YOUR big day! With so many unique hues to select from, find the right dresses for your bridesmaids at My Little Bow for your big wedding day.


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