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The Beauty of a Convertible Dress

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Brides-to-be, picture this if you will. Your special day is coming soon, but your bridesmaids haven’t been outfitted with the dresses for the occasion.

Imagine having to find a particular dress for each of them...

As you can probably imagine, it will be quite a pain to find an opportunity to gather all of them and find dresses that will suit them. But what if I told you there is a simple solution to this? What if you had an option that would allow you to dress up your bridesmaids with a lot less fuss?

Yes, really!

I’m talking about convertible dresses here. Today we’ll see how these dresses can help lighten your burden of bridesmaid fitting.

The first thing to address is size. Imagine going through so much effort to arrange a time for your bridesmaids to gather for a dress fitting and after spending more time finding a style that each of them likes, you find out that the dresses don’t come in a suitable size for some of them. Pretty frustrating, isn’t it? With a convertible dress however, you won’t have to go through all that hassle as they are flexible enough to fit a variety of sizes, from UK 4 to 16.

There's something for everybody!

Then there’s the issue of style. Not everyone would like to wear the same dress style. Someone who is conservative may not want to show off too much and would prefer a dress with sleeves, for example. Or someone confident would like a style that best complements their figure. This is where the convertible dress shines best. With some knotting and a little creativity, different bridesmaids can wear the same dress in their preferred styles. Perhaps the best part of this is, it would add a creative twist to your wedding compared to if all the bridesmaids wore the same style.

The creative possibilities are endless.

All in all, no other dresses offer such versatility as convertible dresses and with your bridesmaids all dressed up for the big day, you’ll be able to focus on other wedding priorities sooner. Should you need any help with dressing up your bridesmaids, we at My Little Bow are always ready to offer our services to you. For more information, contact us at https://www.mlb.sg/contact.

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