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Getting Red-dy with Burgundy

Looking to exude elegance at the next wedding you attend? You can’t go wrong with a red dress in this case, but why not take it a step further with a burgundy dress instead? This red hue has a deep, reddish-brown shade and is named after the wine created in France’s Burgundy region (Fun fact: this region itself was named after the Burgandians, an ancient East Germanic tribe). Wine is often pictured when one thinks of elegance and burgundy is no exception thanks to its association with the fine beverage. It is also used to symbolize ambition, wealth and power, which grants it a certain aura of empowerment.

You’ve got the dress now, but a dress alone is not enough for that perfect elegant look. First off, you need the right hairstyle to pair with the dress. If you’re going with a strapless dress, you can go freeform with your hair since it goes well with almost anything, but if you prefer something a tad fancier, try putting in a few twists and turns for a chic ballerina bun.

If you’re going with a halter dress look, then definitely go for a fishtail braid hairstyle which is certain to add a touch of elegance and charm to your ensemble. Hair extensions can be used if you require the extra length for braiding. You can also let it fall on your back or drape it over one of your shoulders (personally, I’d suggest the latter).

Next is the makeup, since a burgundy ensemble just isn’t complete without dolling up your face for it. A key factor in choosing your makeup is to maintain the right balance to keep the look just right. SheIdeas has some fantastic tips to consider for this, which include:

· A nude colour base and light brown crease is recommended for your eyes. Glitter works great too.

· Go with burgundy for your lips if you’re feeling bold, or a lighter shade such as brown-pink matte if you prefer a softer, more subtle look.

· Light shades of blush work best (particularly light pink).

· A highlighter can be used to add a sparkle to your look.

For a shiny yet elegant style, you can consider going for glossy burgundy lips together with light eyeshades and blush.

If you’re feeling bold and confident, you could go for a darker look by blending in a foundation shade and a light blush shade across your cheeks, along with a dark lip shade such as maroon matte.

And that concludes our little post on our write-up of hairstyles and makeup styles that you can choose for your burgundy ensemble. But we’re not quite done yet. Stay tuned for our next post as we will go over the flowers and accessories you can adorn yourself with to complement your look.

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