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Of Tea and Dresses

Harmony is an important value observed in Japanese culture. This is best exemplified in their washoku, or traditional Japanese food, which comprises of a variety of ingredients that are so different from each other, yet are arranged in a harmonious fashion that brings out a perfect blend of flavours, colours, textures and fragrances that will surely delight all of a diner’s senses.

Washoku - Perfect harmony of different ingredients coming together

Tsujiri is a Japanese tea brand that is renowned worldwide for their innovation in delivering the best tea products for more than 150 years. The concept of harmony has a strong influence on Tsujiri’s work philosophy and their famous matcha tea is reflective of this, as they are made by painstakingly grinding choice tea leaves harvested from Uji, Kyoto using a traditional grinding method that brings out the perfect flavour that exudes a refreshing aroma.

At My Little Bow, we strive to help wedding couples with attaining the wedding experience of their dreams and to that end, we provide their bridesmaids and groomsmen with a single solution containing all the wedding accoutrements they need, be it dresses, corsages and accessories, all wrapped up in one harmonious package designed to deliver joy to our clients.

Two companies that couldn’t be any more different, yet we are connected through our common pursuit of harmony in delivering satisfying experiences to our clients. Our special matcha-coloured dresses is a symbol of our partnership, which showcases the marriage of inner and outer beauty through harmony.


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