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Pretty in Pastel

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

It’s been a while folks, but welcome back to My Little Bow’s blog! On my last post, we talked about the sailing spirit of the nautical wedding theme and the colours that can bring it to life. However, that may not necessarily be what you want for your special day. Perhaps you’d like something subtler, more whimsical? Picture this, if you will: As a child, have you ever had dreams and fantasies of dancing in a field of flowers, surrounded by pretty creatures like butterflies and birds? The wind gently caresses your face as you giggle, feeling full of cheer and without a care in the world. Your nose tingles with the wondrous scent of the flowers around you, filling you with joyful energy. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

This brings back pleasant memories, doesn't it?

You may not be a child anymore, but who says that dreams must die as an adult? With our new pastel themed package, we at My Little Bow can help you live out your childhood fantasies for your special day!

A Gentle Warmth

In your childhood fantasy, the feeling of carefreeness is probably the strongest expression of joy you would feel. And nothing says carefree like the fluffy clouds in the sky. Better yet, imagine the setting of your fantasy to be at sunset, where the clouds are painted in glorious shades of pink by the setting sun.

Feels warm and fluffy, no?

Dressing your bridesmaids up in pink dresses is a great way to express that carefree feeling on your wedding day. A combination of different pink hued dresses, such as peach and blush pink, would be an especially beautiful sight to behold. For added visual appeal, have some of your bridesmaids wear dusty blue dresses to complement the other pink dresses, just like the blue sky to the pink clouds.

Pink and blue simply look good together!

A Picture of Innocence

All this talk about the clouds and the sky is well and good, but that’s not all there is to a childhood fantasy. You know what else we should have? Cute animals! Think of a herd of lambs frolicking in lovely green pastures. They’re just so fluffy and innocent, and you can’t help but want to cuddle their woolly coats!

Aren't they just adorable?

You can bring out some of that fluffy innocence on your wedding by having your bridesmaids wear a combination of green and white dresses, though I would specifically suggest mint and cream dresses since they convey the portrayal best without contrasting each other too drastically.

The innocence blooming from the mint and cream colours cannot be denied.

A Pleasant Scent

We now have all these beautiful dress ideas for a pastel theme, but visuals alone do not complete a theme. Atmosphere and mood is just as important, and you would want your guests to feel the cheerfulness of the pastel theme as you mingle with them. You can enhance the mood with our specially scented perfume lockets which will fill your person with a lovely scent, and they will help improve the atmosphere of your wedding as guests will have a more enjoyable time mingling with you and your bridesmaids. I would recommend the sunburst and secret garden perfume lockets as they are the best complements to the pastel colours that we have talked about till now.

The radiant sunburst piece, with a scent of refreshing energy.

The soothing secret garden piece, with its gentle and pleasant scent.

The Dream Shall Go On

Well, that about concludes my post on the pastel theme. I hope this has helped spark off a burst of creativity to help you provide your guests with a joyful and carefree atmosphere on your special day. We at My Little Bow are more than happy to help you realise your childhood dreams over with our dress catalogue at https://www.mlb.sg/bridesmaids-dresses and our accessory selection at https://www.mlb.sg/accessories.

And so, I bid you farewell and I hope you’ll look forward to more posts here on our humble little blog. Keep those dreams alive!

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