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Everyday, nature faces threats often caused by human activity, such as pollution and climate change. If left unchecked, there would be a grim future that awaits all life on Earth. Change is needed to avert this and it starts with us. That is why Earth Hour on the 30th of March is a momentous day for nature as humanity unites to show solidarity with nature conservation efforts that go a long way to ensuring that we will see a bright future ahead on this blue planet of life.

To show our support for Earth Hour Singapore, Festival for Nature, My Little Bow (MLB) is launching a special collaboration that we hope will play a part in aiding efforts in conserving nature. Our partner in this collaboration is: 

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - One of the largest independent organizations in the world that is heavily involved in nature conservation, they have a significant presence in many countries and are supported by millions worldwide.

Through this collaboration, WWF will receive a portion of the proceeds earned. We believe this will be a great contribution towards their respective efforts and goals.


Through this collaboration, MLB is providing a collection of necklaces designed around the theme of plastics and the harmful effects they have on marine life. We have chosen this theme of plastics after careful consideration as we have learned that many marine creatures have perished each year as a result of human pollution in the seas. Plastic materials in particular have an adverse effect on marine life such as wounds to necks and fins caused by entangling in plastic waste, and marine creatures suffering from breathing problems and choking when they ingest plastic waste that has been mistaken as food. We hope that our special themed necklaces will help spread awareness about this danger to marine life as well as encourage proper disposal of plastic waste instead of polluting our oceans.


Designed personally by My Little Bow (MLB) for WWF in response to the impact sea plastics have on marine wildlife.


Every pendant is individually handcrafted in recycled stainless steel and meticulously polished to a shine.

Each necklace tells a story, of how how these species battle with marine litter in our seas. Read their plight by clicking on the individual necklaces. 


The various animals depicted are not chosen randomly, but by the severity of how plastics affect these species. A plastic bottle in each animal signifies the presence of plastics in their system, killing them slowly. 


Will you do your part to help rid our seas of plastics for a better world?

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